Dates already taken.

All of these dates have been taken.  This is a list of advanced bookings that have paid a deposit.


December 2019: Friday 6th*, Saturday 7th*, Thursday 12th,  Friday 13th*, Saturday 14th*, Wednesday 18th, Friday 20th*, Saturday 21st*,  Sunday 22nd, Saturday 28th,  Tuesday 31st (Hogmanay at The Caves)

[*At Glasgow Science Centre - Christmas Party Nights], 


January 2020: Saturday 18th,  Thursday 23rd, 
February 2020: Saturday 1st,  (Friday 7th - Friday 14th on Holiday), Saturday 15th,  Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Saturday 29th, 
March 2020:  
Thursday 5th, Saturday 14th,  Tuesday 24th, Saturday 28th, 
April 2020:  Thursday 2nd, Saturday 4th, Thursday 9th, Saturday 11th, (Sunday 12th - Friday 17th on Holiday),  Saturday 18th,  Saturday 25th, 
May 2020:  Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Thursday 7th, Saturday 9th, Friday 15th, Monday 18th, Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th, Saturday 30th,  
June 2020: Thursday 4th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 14th,  Saturday 27th, 
July  2020: Saturday 4th, (5th - 19th  on Holiday ),  Sunday 20th, Tuesday 28th, Friday 31st,  
August 2020: Saturday 1st,  Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th, Monday 10th,  
September 2020: Friday 4th,  Thursday 10th, Thursday 17th, Sunday 20th, Saturday 26th,
October 2020: Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th,  (Sunday 18th - Sunday 25th on Holiday),  Saturday 31st, 
November 2020: Thursday 12th 
December 2020: Tuesday 29th


January 2021:  I plan to be on holiday the entire month.  

March 2021: Thursday 6th, 

April 2021: Saturday 24th,

July 2021: Saturday 3rd, 

All of the above dates have been taken.

If I am unavailable for your date then I recommend choosing a "DJMark" Award holder from Needadisco or see if Mark Wild is available