Q. How many Weddings do you do per year?

A. I do around 70 events each year. Over 90% of them are Weddings. The others are a mix of Birthday Parties, Corporate Events and Christmas Parties.

Q. How soon before my event will you need my Play-List?

A. A Play-List in-advance is not essential as I give everyone cards and pens for requests on the night. It is useful to know what sort of music you don't want playing. I will need to know your First Dances around two weeks prior to the event. But if you have a play-list of around dozen songs please send it to me a couple of weeks before the event.

Q. Can you call a few Ceilidh Dances?

A. Yes, I can call up to 30mins of the Ceilidh dances including all main dances: Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant and Orcadian Strip The Willow included in the price. Extra sessions available for an additional charge.

Q. Do you download your music?

A. Yes, I purchase high-quality wav audio files from the ilikemusic Commercial Music database.

Q. Our friends are professional singers. Can they sing at the event?

A. Yes. Provided they supply the backing tracks. I have radio mics and vocal effects on my mixing desks.

Q. Do you have any special requirements at our venue?

A. Yes, I will need at least 2 walled power sockets and a minimum of 8ft x 4ft of space to set-up in. (12ft x 4ft for the larger system)

Q. How much time do you require to set up?

A. Based on all my gear being ready in an anteroom I will need between 45 and 90 minutes to set-up; depending on the size of the system.

Q. Can you set-up during the day-time?

A. Yes, for a small fee. Please mention this in your enquiry.

Q. Do you have a Portable Appliance Testing certificate?

A. Yes. It is available upon request. All my equipment has been electrically tested by a qualified engineer.

Q. Do you have a Public Liability Insurance?

A. Yes. I have a £10m policy as part of my membership with NADJ.

Q. Do you have a ProDub Licence?

A. Yes and No. I purchased licences from 2008 - 2019 so that I could make copies of the tracks that I dubbed  from my CD collection (all 53,000 tracks).But as of the 1st July 2019 I decided that I would no longer buy any more CDs. I now only buy digital tracks online.

Q. How far can you travel to perform at an event?

A. I don't charge any mileage fee within 20miles of Edinburgh. A small charge per mile is added to the quote after that.

Q. When do you require payment?

A. A non-refundable and non-transferable Booking Fee of £100 is required to secure a booking. The balance is required either 10 days prior to the event as a cheque or BACS transfer.

Q: Will our guests still be able to hear themselves talk while you DJ?

A: Yes. I am aware of the need to keep volume levels within comfortable limits, especially when everyone is in the same room. I take decibel readings through-out the night and aim to keep my music within the H&SE Noise at Work guidelines which is usually below 85db at the area where staff in the venue are working.

Q: Do you have Back-up Equipment?

A: Yes, I always carry spares of the essential items. Mixing Desk, Music Collection, Microphones, Laptop, Soundcard, Cables, etc...

Q: Can you play World Music?

A: Yes, I own loads of German; Greek, French; Italian; Spanish; Asian; Indian (Bhangra, Punjabi and Bollywood); Australian; Sri Lankan; Trinidad & Tobago; Cuban; Jewish-Israeli; Mexican; Nigerian; Polish; Algerian; South African; Arabian; Canadian; Mexican; Scottish and Irish music. I am also happy to buy music upon request for your event. 

Q: What styles of music do you have?

A: All styles: Dance, Pop, Motown, Disco, Indie, Rock, Metal, Trance, Salsa, Country, Swing, Punk, RnB, Funk, Rave, Rap, SKA, Northern Soul, Calypso, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Soca, Carnival, Bhangra, Punjabi, Bollywood, Jazz, Indie, Reggae, Ballroom, Jive etc. etc.

Q: What is the difference between the Ultra-modern system and the High-Quality one?

A: The Ultra-modern system uses hi-fi/studio quality equipment, the sound EQ is automatically adjusted to match the shape of the room. The High-Quality system has fewer lights and sound EQ is manually adjusted.