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Reasons to book Lee Live

Won the VOWS Awards in 2008 and was nominated in 2009, 2010,2011, 2012 and 2013 (top 5 from 750).  
Mainly plays requests - gives guests cards and pens on the night.
Can call all the main Ceilidh Dances.
Uses the highest quality audio files (Liner PCM wav).
Owns almost 60,000 songs and buys a licence annually to copy them for DJing.
Can play international music - German, Polish, French, Spanish, Nigerian, Indian etc.
Has all the necessary legal requirements - Produb licence, PAT cert, PLI ins etc.
Always arrives at least 30mins before the required set-up time.
Keeps the volume at suitable levels so people can still talk.
Spends over 5% of income on Music and licences.
Has music from 1920 to all the latest Chart hits.
Can buy and download Linear PCM Wav files at the last minute via a 4G connection.
Has many PA systems available - for up to 100 guests, 200, and 400 guests.
Has an £18,000 Ultra-modern sound and light system.
Does not play MP3s as they are reduced quality files.
Has a PA System available for the Speeches.
Has a back-up system with him at all times - 2 laptops are used for DJing.
Uses a UPS battery - so if the power fails he is unaffected!